Biotech Innovation

we are the first

laundry detergent bio enzymes

manufacturer in iran

Who we are?

We are Tose Shams Tavana, a subsidiary of Bonda Development Group, as the first Iranian knowledge based company, to produce Laundry Detergent Bio Enzymes.

Our main focus is Innovation, Creativity and Development of new products with high quality based on modern aspects of the Biotechnology & NanoBiotechnology designed by experienced specialists.
Tose Shams Tavana
Knowledge Based Company

Our Objectives and Vision

We are trying to achieve following goals by producing Detergents Bio Enzymes:

Our Products

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Alkaline protease enzyme

Alkaline Protease enzyme belongs to the hydrolases enzyme group. Its catalytic function is to hydrolyse peptide bonds of proteins. It is capable of hydrolysing a broad range of peptide bonds in variety of proteins.

Alkaline Lipase Enzyme

Alkaline Lipase is capable of removing fatty stains such as fats, butter, salad oil, sauces and the tough stains on collars and cuffs. Cellulases modify the structure of cellulose fiber on cotton and cotton blends.

Alkaline Cellulase Enzyme

Alkaline Cellulase is used as an ingredient for detergent. In the washing process, cellulase can effectively remove microfiber on fabric for wear. It also can keep cotton fiber fabric with bright color and good smoothness.

Alkaline Amylase Enzyme

Alkaline amylase is a kind of alpha-amylase, incision glucosidase. It can hydrolyze starch into short chain dextrine and a small quantity of low molecular saccharide and rapidly reduce viscosity of starch.

Alkaline Mannanase Enzyme

Alkaline Mannanase is made by submerged fermentation and purification technique. It can break internal 4-glycosidic bonds of mannan, has strong performance of catalyzing and gel breaking for fracturing fluid, it also has high stability and security.